How to Prepare

Preparing for your Maternity Session

When should I be photographed for my maternity Photographs?

Answer:  Choosing when is very important.  While you want to look pregnant with a pretty , round belly you will also want to have them taken before you and start swelling and are uncomfortable moving around.  Ideally between 32-36 weeks.  With multiples we may want to go a little earlier pending on how you feel!

What should I wear?

I have beautiful maternity gowns available for your session.  I have curated a collection of gowns from around the world!  
Once we confirm the date of your session, you can come by my studio to view my selection!  We will have them all ready for you the day of your session!  
If you want to wear your own clothes, that’s awesome too!  I suggest you wear something solid without patterns!
Try to avoid scarves, cardigans and busy patterns!

What should I bring?

*Before your session-


We suggest booking your expected due date as soon as possible.  This gives you a  guaranteed spot.    Babies tend to create their own schedules, having your session scheduled makes it easier to get you and your babe at just the perfect time.  
In the weeks leading up to your due date, you will receive a questionnaire from our studio that allows you an opportunity to express what you desire for this session…what colors you like, or what props…if you want a makeup artist…ect.  This in turn will allow our studio to be completely ready for when you arrive!
Please make sure you bring any feeding supplies that your babe will need.  Pacifies, diapers and wipes!

Special Referral Deal

Special Referral Deal

Any patron that is a referral of a like minded business that results in displaying artwork on their walls would receive 1 free photography session with Regina Morlier at her studio...and a free session for the business owner as well.

Individually ...$50 credit with any paid booking referral...can be used toward the session fee, or any art ordered.  Can use multiple referral certificates at once!"

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