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Why Do You Love Newborn Photography? An Inside Look


I’ve had many people ask me over the years “Regina, why do you love newborn photography so much?”.

It’s a valid question. Only those that have participated in newborn photography can understand the beauty and fascination behind it.

So I’ve written this article to settle it once and for all. For any of you that have considered getting newborn pictures with a photographer in Lexington, KY, consider all these reasons.

My passion for newborn photography has grown exponentially, and below are the reasons why.

1. It’s My Background

Do you know how people say that you don’t truly love your job until you know all the different intricacies behind it? That’s how my experience has been with newborn photography.

In fact, I have trained with some of the most innovative minds in the entire newborn and maternity photography industry. The infamous Ana Brandt, of Ana Brandt Photography and Belly Babe Love, is one of my greatest mentors.

Because of that, I’ve found a passion for the details behind newborn and maternity photoshoots. It’s not just the babe, but the props around it that make for a truly unique photo.

As such, I’ve learned that it’s all in the details. Everything from the fluffy rug in the newborn photos to the gown a new mother wears, it’s all part of the process, and I love that part of it!

2. The Creativity

Newborn babe photos are some of the most unique and fun pictures that a photographer will ever have.

Not many people realize the many different poses that a newborn can undergo, thus giving myself and my clients flexibility. But much can still be accomplished if you prefer to keep them in one or two poses for the entirety of the shoot.

All of my clients come to me with different ideas or ways of spinning off pictures that they’ve seen online. Then I’m able to use my experiences to bring those ideas to life, as well as freestyle a few pictures here and there.

In fact, some of the best pictures from the shoot are often the ones that are only thought of moments before they’re taken.

A newborn photoshoot allows for as much creative space as possible. The parents have ideas, I have ideas, and when those two come together, it can make something magical!

I take tremendous pride in the fact that these photos will be hung on your walls for many years. That’s what I’m envisioning as I take the picture: you smiling every time you glance at the photo of your newborn child.

3. My Clientele

This newborn photography career would be nothing without the beautiful people that I get to meet on a daily basis.

love connecting with people. I love hearing their different stories and helping families of all different shapes, sizes, and walks of life achieve the perfect photo.

Every client is different. They each have different things that are important to them in the photos that they want.

For some, it’s capturing the innocence of their first-born son or daughter. For others, it’s showing off their pride in mom or dad’s favorite sports team.

The relationships that I make with my clients don’t end after the photoshoot. I love keeping in touch and seeing how much their little ones grow.

I also get the pleasure of doing newborn photos for each new addition to the family, so I get to watch their families grow with each passing year… it’s fantastic!

4. The Celebration of Life

I feel like too many photographers start to go through the motions of their job after losing site of what newborn photos are all about: a celebration of life!

This amazing miracle has happened. You’ve added onto your family by one (or two or three) new life. That, in itself, is worth commemorating with a new set of photos.

In a way, newborn photos are also the celebration of your newborn babe’s future. With such a bright future ahead of them, you’re taking photos as early as possible to always remember how much they’ve grown and changed.

Of course, the babe isn’t the only one that will grow and change. There will also be growth in their parents, their big sister(s), and their big brother(s) as well.

A newborn photoshoot allows me the chance to capture the family in current times so that they can one day look back and see how much they’ve evolved.

5. The “Awww” Factor

So what separates newborn photoshoots from any other type? What makes them so special in my eyes? It’s something that I like to call the “awww” factor. You know… the times when your babe is being so cute and cuddly that it makes you say “awww!”.

Let me tell you… those moments happen at every. single. shoot. and I can’t get enough of it. It’s why I do what I do!

Those precious moments are what it’s all about. Whether it’s the big sister cuddling up next to the newest addition to the family or seeing the tiny newborn all snuggled up against mommy’s chest.

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